Howlin’ TV is Here

Howlin’ is proud to announce its Brand New TV channel. We will feature up and coming Comedy Talent, Funny Videos, and Original material. Our fan base is growing by the minute, and we want you to be part of this incredible journey. We have teamed up with a number of venues around the UK, to bring the finest Comedy Talent currently touring the circuit. You will see on our site, under Talent we have major players on our books and building a bigger stable of acts every day.

We are determined to bring you the finest Variety acts from around the world. If you are bored of seeing the same thing over and over, then we are here to change all that. Howlin’ will only work with the best their is, and thats why people keep coming back for more. Our shows are specially designed by our leading booking agent Marilyn Nelson. Each line up is specifically placed to give the audience the ultimate evening of Variety and Comedy.

We are also building a brand new membership site, that allows the Comedy Lover to be part of our every day fun. We will give you first dibs to discount tickets, up and coming shows, free tickets, chances to win signed merchandise, Free Comedy Nights, & Much more for a small  (Annual Fee).

Don’t forget to support our up and coming shows at the Water Rats Pub, and Brookside Theatre in Romford. All tickets can be purchased on our site. Just Click on the poster and follow the instructions.


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